Do Negative-Calorie Foods Exist?


We’ve all heard the rumor that certain foods provides less calories than it takes to digest. Is this true? Check out this SciShow Quick Question to find out!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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45 thoughts on “Do Negative-Calorie Foods Exist?”

  1. Grass would be calorie negative as you would loose more energy trying to eat it then you'd gain since it's indigestible.
    Well unless you're a ruminant.

  2. Well technically icewater and ice are negative in calories cause your body has to heat them. But those aren't technically foods I guess

  3. In any case, celery with some dip is tasty stuff, celery, carrot, radish, and some tzaziki, Mmmmmm.. healthy snack..
    Damn I`m getting old :p
    I`m breaking out the nuts!
    Oh.. Well I have chips too so HAH!

  4. Cocoa powder is a negative calorie food. I am cutting weight by eating 6000+, sometimes 7500 calories per day, by putting 50g of cocoa powder in every smoothie I drink.

  5. Wow, celery really does sound like a great snack alternative! At least it would, if it didn't taste like hell sap.

  6. If you eat the celery really slowly you will burn more calories than you get from eating it (or you could just not eat it and lose 8 more calories)

  7. anyone remember those schedules you got (or bought) in school that had all the bullshit facts and misinformation? That's what I think of when I heard the celery thing.

  8. If I burn 70 Cal/hr just sitting then isn't anything I eat slow enough calorie negative!?
    A slice of bacon is calorie negative as long as I eat it and only it over the course of an hour 😀

  9. no because it's all about physics on calories, that's shit, we use ATP not calories as energy, and 200 calories of a chocolate bar is not the same as 200 calories of a salad, i call OVERSIMPLIFICATION

  10. i just watched a whole 4 minute add, for you guys. just for you. it was completely unfunny bullshit ontop of it.

  11. Cold water is a negative calorie beverage. 1L of water requires 1kcal or 1 dietary calorie to be heated up by 1 degree. So theoretically drinking 1L of ice cold water like 7°C (pretty cold for drinking) would require around 30 calories just to be heated up by your body. If you sack up and consume the equivalent of 1L of water in Ice form, you could burn a couple more calories and would fill up your stomach.

    I don't think this would be healthy though.

  12. So would cardboard have more digestible calories than celery? Cardboard certainly has a lot of potential "calories"

  13. I have two questions.

    One, is there any scientific way to naturally conceive a female child?

    Two, How the heck is Zero calorie coke possible? There are so many additives and dyes and such, i cant see how it can actually be zero calories.

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