Hula Hoop Exercises From Hoopnotica | Burn Calories | Fitness How To


Bring a bit of backyard fun into your workout with Hoopnotica. Celebs like Beyoncé and Oliva Wilde love this Hula-Hoop workout that burns calories while whittling your waist and toning the entire body. Watch this video to learn the basics of hooping along with a few fancy moves to amp up your workout. Who knows? You might just impress your fiends with new Hula-Hooping skills at your next barbecue.

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20 thoughts on “Hula Hoop Exercises From Hoopnotica | Burn Calories | Fitness How To”

  1. I want to try this, but does shifting your weight back and front help the hula hoop stay up? Because evertime I tried to do a hula hoop it doesnt stay up.

  2. I've tried hooping but the hoop won't stay up.. Tried shifting the weight the way it's shown yet no results.. How many trials does it take to stay on the waist?

  3. I got a 2 lb hoop yesterday I did surprisingly well (my first time ,not even as a child )! but today Im so sore I cant hoop ! Is this normal ?

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  5. I always knew hooping was great but you sure as hell burn a fat ass ice cream with the 400 calories. Great vid btw. I enjoy hooping alot more then being in the gym.

  6. Try getting a weighted hula hoop, as those are meant for exercising. Children one would be impossible to keep up

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