10-Minute Barre Abs Workout | Class FitSugar


Just 10 minutes out of your day will bring you that much closer to a tighter tummy. Barre instructor Jake DuPree takes POPSUGAR Fitness host Anna Renderer through a dance-inspired routine to slim, cinch, and sculpt your abs. All you need is a throw pillow!

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44 thoughts on “10-Minute Barre Abs Workout | Class FitSugar”

  1. This is one of the most effective ab workouts i've ever done! If you keep up and do all of the exercises, i PROMISE you will feel it in the morning! Woweee!

  2. me eating pizza at night 'yes I'm definitely gonna do it tomorrow, remember uh have to get those abs' at morning 'shit my alarm didn't ring now it's not the time to workout I'll eat my lunch'???

  3. I've been doing this workout 2 times a week for month and i got that line in the middle of my stomach and my obliques are showing, thank you❤ (with my workout routine on the other days)

  4. He does not give a ish if you breathe, lol, that's your personal business. Me: "Jake, I want to stab you in the eye." Jake: "Thank you. And you're welcome."

  5. Paige Cirrone here – LOVE THIS workout and GUY!!! 3rd chemo down yesterday and I and still trying to keep the body and mind filled with muscle and joy!! Thank You!

  6. I really love this workout <3 it burns every time, doesn't matter if you do this on a regular basis! I love Jake, his voice and comments are awesome, and funny, and he makes you laugh while you're slowly dying ??

  7. OMG this little work out kicked my A**!!!!! so quick but so efficient! I will 110% be feeling this tomorrow. This is definitely going into my ab workout rotation for sure!

  8. I managed to get 6-pack following this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it). Men envy my toned abs as I exercise at the gym. According to my coach, this guide works well more both genders. Give it a shot to have the result that I have achieved.

  9. Holy cow this is awesome. Well, at least the first 3 1/2 minutes was, because then I had to stop. I look forward to when I'm strong enough to do the WHOLE THING WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  10. supper cool workout love u jake for this i cant even giggle on the next day…mie abs are on fire litrally…!!!!1nd ya i wana how it will be effective how many times i have to do this in a week for bettr results????

  11. oh my gosh!!!! I love every single video of you!!!! thank you so much for share those!!! I can not get enough!!! love it love it!!!! for sure I am seeing mucles on my body!!!

  12. The segment in the middle where you lean against a pillow or ball is amazing! and yeah I can touch my toes all the damned time haha

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