How To: Deep Barbell Back Squat




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48 thoughts on “How To: Deep Barbell Back Squat”

  1. Scott, I find that when I squat my back tends to round near the bottom, and the muscles in in the front of my hips where my legs meet at the joints feel tight. I also seem to have a harder time sitting back on my heels as most people recommend. Can you help me with this?

  2. Perfect squatting form. Deep squats are the one and only way these should be done for bodybuilding purposes…. different for powerlifters, of course.

  3. You are going too low… You need to stop before you lose form in your low back. Only go that low if you have the mobility to keep form for entire movement…. Plus you are taking advantage of your body's momentum. If you slowed the transition from descent to ascent, you woukd be budding more strength… Depends on goals.

  4. This guy gives some good advice on many compound lifts. But you know what? People tell me NOT to listen to this guy because he's small. So what….this is actually well explained and executed.

  5. Bar seems to roll down my back when I try squat…Can't seem to make the "shelf" to rest it on.  Any advice?

  6. how is this different than a regular squat? is it a matter of preference? because i feel more comfortable and safe doing this type of a squat.

  7. I'm starting my mission on getting a lean muscle and gain weight as well. This is maybe just what I need bcs i'm currently doing this fast track workout. I will search other video as well but I think the he is giving how to do it makes people understan easily.

  8. What can I do if my knees are so swollen that they can't go into full flex ion? What else can be tight that would prevent a deep squat while erect?

  9. I loveee you! xD whenever I search for a workout, your videos pop up ?!! very helpful channel! Thanks a bunch.
    greetings from Saudi Arabia xoxoxo

  10. Can you do a slow mo video a little closer than the video was taken to show the motion? Maybe from the side as well? Goes past so fast at normal speed.

  11. I bruised my upper spinal bone near my neck doing this for the first time in the gym. I don't know how to proper balance the bar on my back/shoulders. Any advice?

  12. Thanks for the tips, Scott, I usually check out your tips, because they're short but covers every aspect of the topic, unlike other fit vids here on youtube who babbles endlessly, sells you ugly shit, tryna be a comedian, and never covers the topic properly. Keep it up!

  13. I can leg press 500 lbs (10 -45lbs plates and 2 -25lbs plates) easily. However, the barbell back squat is one I can never master.
    The steps I follow are exactly what Scott mentioned but I always hurt (more like a pinch) my mid-back when I am holding/adjusting the bar in standing position (just like he showed on the video). In order to work myself up to a higher weight, I have started with the bar alone but the pinch still happens. Therapist told me that there is nothing wrong with my back after x-rays.
    Any other tips I can follow? My competitive side wants to master this workout.

  14. I want to watch this video, I really do. however I also don't want to hear that obnoxious, retarded, fake accent say "baaaaabell" 57 times

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