Python Programming – How to get Python to Type

This video covers python’s SendKeys module that allows you to use python to type and press keys.

Windows Binary download:



18 thoughts on “Python Programming – How to get Python to Type”

  1. Thanks for another nice tutorial ; If you could open a new series of android application development with Python would be great 🙂

  2. Hi, thank you for the tutorial, it's really useful. I have a question though: 

    How do I send a keystroke to a window that does not have the focus? Meaning it's not the current window.

  3. Does this press the actual keyboard or just inputs letters ? I am thinking if this would work in auto gamine for example press R for a kick and that sort of thing.

  4. pyautogui.typewrite('You, should really try pyautogui if you want to do any type of GUI automation, moving the mouse, clicking and typing', interval=0.1)

  5. I'm looking at a python script somebody else made and he put this:
    "from _sendkeys import char2keycode, key_up, key_down" Am I in the right place to get help for this? Python says "ImportError: No module found for '_sendkeys' am I in the right place for this?

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