Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 6 – Adding Effects to Video Clips

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29 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial – 6 – Adding Effects to Video Clips”

  1. How to add a video effect( ex: balance color) over time…like from that fram to that fram turn to that color balance progressively.. ?

  2. I don't have a video Transitions in mine, can't find that online. can you provide a link and how to install new effects! please

  3. I added some effects but they all only begin somewhere in the middle of the video. How can I move them to beginning? I'm using CC and that yellow line is not there, over the video line. :/

  4. Why the Blur Effect change the position of the picture when you put it on the video. The video is not shown anymore in the center. Is there any setting how to fix that? Thanks!

  5. thanks your video is helpful….though, how do you get the "effects" tabs to show up in the first place? I am in CS5 and they are not there…. were there (I don't know what I did to make them appear) but have now have disappeared again. Thanks 🙂 p.s. I do have the video selected, but it appears as a video in the left screen not w/effects options… I've tried to double click as well, both on the timeline and in the screen, nothing.

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