Inspirational Running Video (HD)



Music by Paul Dateh:
Director of Photography
& Editor: Blake O’Neal –
Exec. Producer: BrettTheIntern –
Produced by: Maria Pelletier
Glidecam operator & Coordinator: Jared Kowalczyk
Amazing Intern: Sean O’Loughlin

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27 thoughts on “Inspirational Running Video (HD)”

  1. Anyone know another video with this scene in it, I think it was 5 mins long and it had the best background music. It got deleted of YouTube but I found it once before but can't track it down now?

  2. This video was monumental for me back then. I'm really hoping when you are ready. You somehow share overcoming what's happened lately as someone who can relate to making mistakes.

  3. It's perfect, but there is one mistake, how could u just stop running when u were on the peek? Slowly run. :))
    just joke, nice motivation – Thanks 🙂

  4. what is this ? ….. Is it made by god ? ….. i am skinny fat …. and i am going to be in shape in just 4 weeks …. lets hit it …… lets do it ….

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