FULL DAY OF EATING with 19 Year Old Bodybuilder Brandon Harding



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44 thoughts on “FULL DAY OF EATING with 19 Year Old Bodybuilder Brandon Harding”

  1. Hmm, I'll just eat apples and drink tons of water everyday. This stuff is too hard, expensive and confusing ?

  2. lad this is exactly what I needed. you can tell you ain't touched a roid. anyways my workouts are on point but my eating I'm having so much difficulty cooking, cleaning, eating and working out and going to college. so instead Il prep my food for 3 days. great to see the sauce in there I do be sick of the foods tbh
    I love the gold standard bash in some good peanut butter, grounded oats, cottage cheese and 2 tea spoons of olive oil and Bam it's like 1000 Cal's.ha anyways appreciate this hence the long post. ??

  3. Reading the comments I find it perplexing, why do people not eat for taste but only for feeding purpose? Without much effort the food can give so much pleasure and be healthy at the same time, so why skip such an easy way to enjoy a moment of your day? I can't get it, honestly.

  4. You know whats not good for you? Putting your food in the microwave. Kills all the nutritional value. Nice.

  5. The other day for the first time, I was doing my last set of tricep pushdowns and got this insane pain in the back of my head. I did take preworkout before that contains l taurine I was wondering if thats the same type of headache youre talking about

  6. why is every gymshark promoter on gear and implying to teenagers that a few years is enough to get to their level if its possible natty at all.

  7. This is the way to age 10 years in 3,5 years!
    He looks like around 25 but definetly not 19.
    But everyone knows what's the reason for that.
    If you don't believe me just shut up you stupid retard!

  8. Self improvement is masturbation. who are these people trying to impress? most of these guys have psychological issues and are simply not happy with themselves… or they have no game.

  9. How many kilo of chicken breast should I eat to get big like you? And how many meals in a day to get big like you?

  10. This video is cool, but I noticed that you have way tooooo much time to spare and money to spend on food. Most of us dont ..

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