Blanche – City Lights (Belgium) Eurovision 2017 – Official Music Video

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Blanche will represent Belgium at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song City Lights

Written & directed by Simon Vanrie & Brice VDH

Production company : Nada
Executive producer : Barbara Dauby
DOP : Brice VDH
Art Direction : Simon Vanrie
VFX : Olivier Sipesaque & Corentin Laplatte Color grading : Xavier
Dockx Drone : Robin Smit

Gaffer : Thomas Lescart
Best boy : Nicolas Nollomont
Styling : Charlotte & Simon
Hairdresser & Make-up : Margaux Cabuy
Catering : Eva Széchenyi



38 thoughts on “Blanche – City Lights (Belgium) Eurovision 2017 – Official Music Video”

  1. a wonderful song, really. Blanche your performance was good tho. i am a big fan of you now( i'm dutch) go belgium and blanche

  2. J'adore ta chanson et toi tu es très jolie
    Je suis une petite fille et j'ai 10 ans et je trouve que la musique c'est magique??

  3. that was so beautiful you all going to love it when listen hundred times i love it from first time and im talking about beautiful lights with blanche and kristian kostov im really really love it

  4. Too bad Eurovision is always picking friends and the votes from the countries are retarded and just playing friends with their neighboors. The viewers votes is what really counts. I think Belgium was placed 13th with the country votes but ended up 4 or 5th because of the viewer votes.

  5. Alexe Gaudreault – éclat <- just sayin because nobody notices (pls just listen to that song and compare )

  6. I'm a metal head. like slipknot, lamb of god, slayer type music, but when my misses made me watch Eurovision and this came on I was like omg I love her voice… amazing work of art.

  7. i think either

    Yodel it – Ilinca ft. Alex Florea
    Lights and Shadows – O'G3NE
    City Lights – Blanche
    Never give up on you – Lucie Jones

    should have won eurovision they were amazing and the songs are beautiful!

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