Dancers Prank New York | Improv Everywhere Has A Field Day

new york prank

How The 3-Part Prank Started ►
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Three of New York City’s iconic landmarks, Bryant Park, Washington Square Park and Penn Station were infiltrated with unexpected performances on this seemingly normal Wednesday. See as Improv Everywhere coordinated 3 separate dance pranks that simultaneously brought a little joy to to New York City.

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Created by: Charlie Todd
Produced by: Deverge

Choreographer: Jun Lee
Perfomers: Zultari Gomez, Stephanie Salts, Zachary Denison, Jason Rodriguez, James III.

Ballroom Dancers: Jared Reed, Irvin Khaytman, Emily Vartanian, Emily Lin, Yelena Mirsakova, Lukas Weichert, Sue Marantz, Anna Fajkowski, Jason Chuang, Anna Conser, John Druzba, Natallia Savitskay, RJ Susara, Julia Vahidova, Dwayne Beach

Madeline Hoak, Sam Stage, Angela Buccinni, Yoni Kallai, Milan Bailey, Daniel Cayre, Nathan Ellman-Bell

Photo Credit: Arin Sang-urai

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35 thoughts on “Dancers Prank New York | Improv Everywhere Has A Field Day”

  1. dancing in the middle of street, were people cross is not at all dangerous
    thank you for teaching people that as long as you want few likes on your videos it's okay to do something reckless

  2. Oh gosh i want to be part of some improv sooo badly!! My creative dramatic arts loving side is dying to get out but i have no outlet where i live currently! Its so frustrating! this video was beautiful and had me near tears, look at how happy they all are and how happy they make their audiences D: 😀

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