Nikon Behind the Scenes: Lenses for Great Portraits


Nikon Ambassador, Tamara Lackey shares her favorite lenses for different shooting situations


28 thoughts on “Nikon Behind the Scenes: Lenses for Great Portraits”

  1. f2.5 when shooting 2 faces close together makes no sense. f4 and above will give u better optical quality for a start. and if your reason is to blur the background f4 would have done that anyway as your lens is 85mm and the distance from subject to backdrop is pretty far. f2.8 makes the focal plane to small and only one part of the face especially shooting them with their faces at an angle will be in focus.and that big blown out highlight at 0:51 you really need to go back to the books and learn abit more because you charging people for your work is a quite bad.

  2. @1.23, is that me or is this really out of focus and unsharp? Sigma has the win over the Nikkor 105mm 2.8, read the reviews.

  3. I am so excited to see these videos! They have helped a lot, and I'm happy to have this information so accessible. Look forward to doing more research! Thanks for the motivation

  4. I'm new to photography and I don't understand what type of lens is good for portrait?Prime lenses? Zoom lenses? Help?

  5. I so hate all of those videos, only intended to sell products. Sorry, but you're teaching nothing, just showing off cool lenses.

  6. If this video is intended to promote the great lenses for portrait, it missed the greatest lenses series for portrait which are 105mm DC F/2 and 135mm DC F/2.

  7. Nice video showing off your expensive lens, but what a waste! Your a Nikon Ambassador, really? I guess, if you have the cash to purchase all those lens from Nikon, anyone can be an Ambassador!

  8. Really surprised she left out the 105 DC f2 and 135 DC f2 lenses. The 105 is amazing and they are known as the "King of bokeh" lenses for a damn good reason. Hands down more of a favourite for me than the 85 1.8 or 1.4. Not as sharp as the micro that she mentioned, but sometimes for portraits, especially women, you don't want to be tack sharp and a bit of minor minor blur helps with the beauty of subjects. I'm stumped why they aren't mentioned. Every Nikon portrait photographer I know swears by them :s

  9. با سلام .من نمیدانم تنها من این کونه فکر میکنم یا مثل من هم است در صورتی که من روشن خا موش کردن دوربین را نمیدام اینجا از برتری بودن لنز یا نور صحبت می شود بنظر من اقایان باید اول تنظیمات دوربین را تعریف کنند ..تشکر از همه

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