How To Make A Cloud Light

Make an amazing looking cloud light for your house or room with items you already have around the house. All you need are bottles, cotton, old x-mas lights and some glue. You can put this awesome project together in another 15-20 minutes and the results are absolutely stunning!

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24 thoughts on “How To Make A Cloud Light”

  1. with the right combination of light colours, you can turn that cloud into a huge explosion simulation!! that's fucking awesome!! you can create a volcano lamp!!

  2. im gonna make 20 of these and fill my ceiling. i have a sloped roof (attic) mut i want to make a lightning effect. what do you guys suggest i use for lighting?

  3. I made multiple and made holes so the lights can go through all of the clouds then meeting in the center to make some kind of could city.

  4. To all of the people that don't have led lights and just have regular 120v Christmas lights, it should not catch fire. You just need to remind yourself to turn it off after long periods of time. If you. Really care that much about your house burning down, you should remember to turn them off.

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