DEADLIFT BIGGER: How to Fix Hips Rising EARLY & Protect Your Back (Ft. ZNA Productions)

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29 thoughts on “DEADLIFT BIGGER: How to Fix Hips Rising EARLY & Protect Your Back (Ft. ZNA Productions)”

  1. So much can go wrong with deadlifts that i simply stopped doing them. For this lift to be effective you've gotta go big and it's difficult to maintain perfect form every rep. If you lift heavy stuff off the floor and your form dips that's a candidate for snap city.

  2. Yo Omar, I have a struggle with deadlifts as well, I'm 6'6" and about 220lbs. I have the feeling when I deadlift my knees get in the way of the bar, so in order to avoid hitting my knee and not complete the rep my hips will rise sooner than is good for me probably. Do you have any advice for this? Thanks!

  3. The key to the conventional deadlift is hamstring strength. The hamstring group is what keeps the pelvis in proper position (lower back cocked and the butt untucked).

  4. He still drives into the bar instead of pulling the slack out of it in his setup. Hence the quick hip rise before the bar moves. Albeit not as exaggerated as before.

  5. I'm 17, 6' 1", 170 lbs, and I deadlifted 405 yesterday with straps and the belt. My upper back bent a little and my hips rise before, thanks this really helps I'm going to focus on form and get it right before I go any heavier now.

  6. Super informative… that's exactly what happens when I deadline hips shoot up… thank you I will do these tips and fix it??

  7. I always felt that deadlifting was a maneuver that you learn the basic mechanics but ultimately refer to personal technique

  8. should the bar be in the middle of your foot??cause i still can't get my deadlift right, and i almost lift everything with my back

  9. when the glute max is overactive it short circuits the glute min/med then compensates and overloads the back and injury will occur

  10. One tips that's helped me tremendously is "It's a push movement, you're pushing with your leg's, not pulling with your back and hips.

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