Photoshop – How to use a Clipping Mask

In this tutorial, A.J. demonstrates the use of clipping masks to create a composite image.

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40 thoughts on “Photoshop – How to use a Clipping Mask”

  1. This is absolutely awesome. Quick tutorial, quickstart skip btn for people like me, straight to the point, and multiple examples. YES..! So easy

  2. What if the selection you make is a perspective, say a billboard at an angle, and you want to clip into it? can anyone help on this one please?

  3. This may sound like a dumb question, but – instead of putting a copy of the screen layer on top and reducing the opacity of that … wouldn't it have been simpler to just reduce the opacity of the layer with the woman in the pool, thereby showing some of the existing screen layer underneath?

  4. This is an excellent tutorial. No Fluffing (e.g let's open up Photoshop, then let's open a file) – just getting to the facts.

  5. Very good! Just please skip all the introduction. This is not a TV show, people come here for quick answers. Thank you again!!!

  6. I struggled for hours without this tutorial and after seeing it, I felt confident in clipping masks. – thanks a lot.

  7. I feel like such an ass – and that's hard to get me to feel! I've gone for 12 years now, not having any idea how to do any of this stuff. Have been using PS since 2005. Thank you for making this video!!!

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