Twice Baked Potatoes — How to Make Fancy Stuffed Potatoes

Learn how to make Twice Baked Potatoes! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and over 780 more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Twice Baked Potatoes recipe!


44 thoughts on “Twice Baked Potatoes — How to Make Fancy Stuffed Potatoes”

  1. I like to cook down some shallots and garlic in butter, no color and then mix that into the scooped taters and add cheese, tiny bit of sour cream and scallion then top w more cheese and bake 30 min. Yum

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. I added cheese, chive n garlic butter as well as corn and red kidney beans to them. Made for a super yummy weeknight dinner.

  3. I made this last night. Potato fell apart when spooning out the contents and ended up with an open faced version!

    Used: butter, chopped green onion, milk, salt, pepper, 1 egg yolk, yogurt. Tasted great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This recipe looks amazing and is great for feeding lots of people since it is so easy to make. I'm definitely going to make this for my family.

  5. Chef John your videos are great and you really are funny. Sometimes i watch them just to lighten up my mood. 🙂 <3

  6. Those look great and truly are better than regular baked potatoes! When we make them, we add sausage to the mixture and they come out so good.

  7. love the recipes and the humor…hapy that you could be absorbed by all recipes……you think you can do some on gluten free?

  8. randome idea, wouldnt this be nice to mix with shepards pie? just because i watched this video right after watching that video XD individual shepards pie!

  9. I love your videos and you're a great chef but your speaking intonations, sentence endings specifically, are so incredibly odd? Am I the only one?

  10. I made this today for my friends! We all loved it! (I put my extra cheese on top to caramelize as a personal preference though!)

  11. Heresy. Those lids get brushed with oil on the skin, get enough filling to come out just shy of pure crisp and they're dipped in an accompanying stew or drizzled with meat drippings.

  12. tried the fondant potatoes….only wish my potatoes loving dad was still alive to try them…

  13. I did this today and it was spectacular!!! I used Parisian cheese, smoked Gouda cheese, plus a little chopped garlic.

    Thanks for the recipe/technique!!!

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