CAKE TREND ~ Buttercream Flower Wreath Tutorial – CAKE STYLE


Learn how to create gorgeous buttercream flowers with us, and make this beautiful cake. We love making pretty floral cakes, and this is one of our personal favourites.

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* 8″ round smooth buttercream cake (smooth buttercream –
* Sweet Buttercream –
– 1.7oz (50g) Wilton Creamy Peach –
– 7oz (200g) light shade Sugarflair Pink –
– 7oz (200g) darker shade of Sugarflair Pink
– 7oz (200g) Americolor Electric Purple and Regal Purple
– 3.5oz (100g) Americolor Avocado and Mint Greens
– 7oz (200g) Plain buttercream colour
* 6 Piping bags –
* 5 couplers –
* Piping tips No. 2,104, 352, 406 –
* Flower nail –
* Turntable
* Cookie sheets
* Parchment paper squares

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43 thoughts on “CAKE TREND ~ Buttercream Flower Wreath Tutorial – CAKE STYLE”

  1. looking for tutorials for piping and lo and behold I find a LEFTY!! oh how wonderful it is to not have to learn backwards <3

  2. Hi Cake style
    Please can you tell me the exact shade of light and dark sugarflair pink, mine just doesn't look the same! Thanks. You very good at everything cake!!!!

  3. I try to make that…it's my first time…I think I do the good job…thank you so much to show that I love it!

  4. thank you so much for all your videos im going to make a cake that uses these flowers and your mandala cake. you explain everything so well and make it all look so easy!!! x

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