240kg/529lbs Pause Squat for 8 reps – Thursday Training Session


Bodyweight: 100kg

I’ve done 240kg 3×8 twice before and 240kg 2×8, 1×6. It’s not getting any easier, so for the moment this is a limit.

For me 240kg 3×8 is almost as difficult as 260kg 5×5.


25 thoughts on “240kg/529lbs Pause Squat for 8 reps – Thursday Training Session”

  1. You're probably the strongest man on earth relative to your body weight and range of motion to your lifts. I'm pretty sure you could squat 1500lb if you did it the bullshit power lifting way.

  2. Ever since I've switched my squat technique to yours (or as close as I can get it) my strength has gone way up. Thanks, mah dude!!!

  3. Everyone in this comment section talking about strength wars is aids.. STOP TALKING ABOUT FACELESS, How on earth do you sugest clarence would loose? the last battle faceless was in the challenge was a 60kg dip x20 and 80kg overheadpress for 20reps. LLOLLL clarrence could do 120 strict for 30, and the squats is 180kg for 20 reps. with quarter reps and belt and sleeves and whatever the fuck u want to do. clarence can do a 300kg paused beltless atg squat, how on earth would he not be able to do 180kg for 20 reps? clarence would go trough the entire fight without 1 pause to rest like its hes fking warmup. Stop comparing anyone to clarence, clarence would probably even beat eddie hall with his magic tricks. imagine if this dude weighed 400 pounds and have lifted for 10 more years. inc 500kg atg squat

  4. Fuck he has so much fucking strength. He controls weight like it's not shit. King of pump. And he can do flips and shit in the air ?☺

  5. guys this is not a paused squat. notice when he is right before going up he is going forward thats because he has this band under his knee i think he actually screwed up his left patella tendon by stretching and loading it with this hight weights just to come out of this position. but its still impressive

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