USB Charging Robot Lamp // Woodworking How To

See how I made a USB charger/Robot Lamp!
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(some are better than the versions I own)
– Robot Book
– Wood burning kit
– Lamp Kit
– USB charging outlet
– 3 prong power cord
– SawStop cabinet saw
– Dewalt 20v drill driver combo
– Evolution miter saw (cuts wood, alum, steel, etc)
– Countersink drill bits
– Dewalt DW735 benchtop planer
– Orbital Sander
– Porter Cable 6″ Jointer
– Grizzly 14″ Bandsaw
– Grizzly Drill Press (WAAAAY overpriced (3x) on Amazon, buy from Grizzly directly.)
– Shop Fox Hanging Air Filter
– 2HP Dust Collector
– 1 Micron bag
– Speed square
– Flush cut saw
– Spray lacquer
– Wire strippers (not the ones I have, but good ones)
– Quikclot clotting sponge
– First aid kit
– Respirator
– Filters
– Eye protection
– Ear protection

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22 thoughts on “USB Charging Robot Lamp // Woodworking How To”

  1. Bob forgot to mention that he built this lamp on his live stream on Twitch. He streams every Wednesday at 11 AM (EST) You can find it at Its super fun! Come hang out and chat with Bob!

  2. I would have loved to see this one 3d printed with some more detail. Great project though very useful, I love the idea.

  3. You know I want something like this but with my s7 edge if I don't use a fast charger it will literally take like 7 hours to charge fully. any suggestions?

  4. How quickly did that ruler heat up while using the wood burner? Seems like it would get hot really quick, haha.

  5. Cool project. Relatively simple and very useful, I'm going to make this as a baby shower gift next weekend.

  6. I like it. It has some elements I want to build into my nightstand.
    I have it planned out, all except the wiring.
    It's gonna be made mainly of 2x2s and 1xs. Plans for a hidden wireless charger built into the top with an led indicator on the side for charging. A lamp coming out of the top. A drawer below the top, made to look like just trim. I want to use a magnetic child safety cabinet lock to lock and unlock the drawer.
    Leds below the drawer leading to a shelf area above a 2 shelf cabinet area also lit, when open.

    I have it planned and drawn, but need to consult with someone before going further for the wiring lol

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