M9 Bayonet CS:GO (Best Skin) – Knife Making

Counter Strike: M9 Bayonet



35 thoughts on “M9 Bayonet CS:GO (Best Skin) – Knife Making”

  1. you suck ..nice dog tho….i say you suck not couse of your work couse of the speed of the vid ..i had my coffe and doughnut on my day off ready to enjoy some knife making all i heard was two mice fucking …on to the nex one…i subscribed but gave it a thumbs down…nice knife ….

  2. Awesome knife, you made it look easy. I must of missed how you did the fuller, but the knife sure looks authentic. Well done.

  3. We basically have all those tools and equipment at my school, and i can do all that but the problem is…no weapons are allowed at school,, ffffffffffffcccccccccckkkkkk it

  4. The blade looked magnetic when you heat treated still. Should measure the space between the saw teeth. Not really a bayonet, no lug on the handle. Otherwise not bad.

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