GoPro HERO5 Session DROPPED 1,000 ft from DRONE!! – Ultra Durability Test

gopro hero 5

➜ GoPro HERO 5 Session:

The new Hero 5 Session is built for durability, right? I wanted to put it to a fun test and drop it from my DJI Phantom 4 drone – see how high I could drop it and would it keep working?
I dropped the GoPro from 50 feet, then 100 ft, 400, and lastly, 1,000 feet!! VERY COOL RESULTS! I was surprised!!

If you guys want to see it dropped onto pavement, rocks, etc, leave me a comment below and hit that thumbs up button! If I get enough thumbs up, I’ll try it again on harder ground! 😀

*Terminal Velocity: If any of you math wizards want to share your calculations on time it took to reach top speed and what that top speed was, share in the comments below!

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41 thoughts on “GoPro HERO5 Session DROPPED 1,000 ft from DRONE!! – Ultra Durability Test”

  1. Maximum speed of a falling object in the atmosphere is 120mph. No matter how high you go it will only be falling at 120mph. Science.

  2. I wouldn't be posting this to the public… faa imposes large fines for people that fly above 400 ft. cool video though.

  3. Hi Ben,

    I Like your video, its very cool, but can you make the Same Thing with the Hero 5 Black? It would be very cool! Thanks.

    (If there are grammer mistakes in the sentence, sorry – iam not from Amerika)

  4. Your sacrifice is so cool.
    I saw a funny video thanks to
    I also noticed that the GoPro 5 session was robust.
    thank you.

  5. I once dropped my hero plus on grass and the lens shattered
    And it was unfixable.
    How does this happen
    Now I have a hero 5 session

  6. I dont get why you did this on grass because you could drop it from 50,000ft and it still wouldn't break on that grass but if you did it on hard terrain like a parking lot then it would be a real test and might break.

  7. 1000ft into a field is not impressive the weight is nothing so the grass and light dirt will land its fall

  8. I would like to see a drop test on road: 10meters, 50m (for a basic fail drop or crash when using it to know if it will be damaged, I mean even the look of the gopro, I'm not talking about total breaking) and then higher

  9. 1. Watches videos like this.
    2. Gets super hyped up
    3. While motivated and excited, purchases device.
    4. Filled with high expectations, remembering watched videos.
    5. Screen gets scratched in jeans pocket.

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