Asus Tinker Board


Asus Tinker Board unboxing, review and demo. Is this new single board computer (SBC) really a Raspberry Pi killer?

The Debian TinkerOS image is now available from the link below (note that this a new site, and not the one shown in the video. It is far better!):

I have reviewed video playback and CPU temperatures on the Tinker Board here:

There is also now a Tinker Board forum at:

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47 thoughts on “Asus Tinker Board”

  1. Since I uploaded this video Asus have launched a new and improved Tinker Board web page at

    There is also now a Tinker Board forum at:

    There have also been reports that the Tinker Board has been withdrawn. However, I do not believe that such reports are true! 🙂 It does seem that many UK retailers started selling the Tinker Board ahead of its "official" international release, which is apparently the end of February (or early March) 2017. I will provide further updates here in a future Tinker Board video, as this SBC certainly seems to be generating a lot of interest . . .

  2. The website says nothing about it running Windows. IS this able to run Windows 10? Even a cut down version?
    And how large is the capacity of the "biggest" micro SD card it can take?

  3. Will this thing do real time transcoding in Plex? I'm currently using a NAS server for Plex and it doesn't support transcoding so I'm thinking about buying something like this for a more powerful dedicated media server.

  4. Another new subscriber here. Presentation and pacing is spot on, and the content appeals to my inner nerd. Thumbs up!

  5. Its Too bad Only the CHIP has built in LiPo power management . every other Pi like SBC has no way to tell its own power level . shame

  6. I'd like to make a slight suggestion that my improve your videos.
    Add a background music.Not something loud or distracting.Just a simple tune on loop will make your videos a hole lot better.
    Good luck

  7. You don't really kill an "educational board" like the Raspberry. Serious applications already have boards to choose from.

  8. Great information, as we are looking into the RPi for digital signage at my work. They're interested in this instead because of the larger RAM and CPU clock speed. But, all of my research points to this being a 32-bit processor, while the RPi 3 is 64-bit. Could that attest to the speed of the GIMP filter test? This is one of my reservations to this board.

  9. Every video you do, I wait for you to have trouble with the packaging. Makes me smile! Then, I wait for the very good information. Thanks for the laugh and the education!!

  10. I want to get one of these and run it as a server (without the GUI). Is there an OS build for this that doesn't include a GUI (something similar to Ubuntu Server)?

  11. Are there any news about this? i just have seen that asus still releases new versions of their os for this board and kernels …

    is the software better now or still crappy?

  12. DOSE ANY ONE KNOW if the asus tinker bord is compatible with noods ( from rasberry pie ) I imagin that it probebly whould not becuse it is spisificly disinde to run on the rassbery pie. It whould be nice to be compatable acros bouth systems for Imroved easy in coding in between them. PLEASE link something. (sorry for bad grammer and spelling but I am in a rush)

  13. oh wow, I had no clue this thing even existed, and I am what one might call an Asus fanboy, lol. I definitely have to get one of these!

  14. 170% more expensive not 70%, if you say 70% more expensive what you are saying is its 0.7 of the price, meaning cheaper lol, that's why tech manufacturers like apple always say 150% because they know math

  15. I would love to switch out my trusty Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for a Tinkerboard, but the price is just too high for my taste.

  16. The best review – great analytic job ! So, because i bought one the last days as "Manufacturer refurbished", i would like to ask you about the official dimensions of the heat sink because it was not included . Moreover, when i saw your "Video Playback & CPU Temperatures" i was wondering if you prefer an other proper heat sink as a better solution like the one you used with Raspberry Pi.

  17. It looks like a nice little computer, but I love tinkering around with my Raspberry Pi 3 (pun intended). The Raspberry π is fast enough for me and I do most of my fooling around on the π on my iMac computer anyways. Have a Raspberry Pi Camera V2 pointed at my bedroom birdfeeder and just enjoying looking at the second monitor to see if there are any birds at the feeder. I eventually want to to make it a bird feeder webcam down the road. Why pay 70 percent more for something that doesn't have the community support or online tutorials, plus the π is a great learning tool for children or people just wanting to learn about computers and linux. Just my opinion.

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