Samsung Galaxy S8 Impressions!


Everything you need to know about the sexiest new flagship phone!

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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Impressions!”

  1. TBH i really dont like this s8… I got the s7 and im really happy with it, i need the physical home button its the samsung's thing and i hate the finger print scanner on the back!

  2. I have this phone. I also had an older Samsung. I love the fingerprint location compared to previous phone.

  3. Whatsup guys Please who knows how Marques created his picture for his youtube account. I want to do something similar

  4. I actually like the hardware back button because I could skip ads that would pop up and on this I know that that back button will disappear forcing me to watch a dumbass rip off ad.

  5. But every time when you go for finger print sensor unintentionally you will leave a spot on ? glass.

  6. I had a s7 edge which is dead last week when trying to put it in water :'(. So I bought s8. So thats what I find:
    1/ I really didn't like the unlock features.. the fingerprint sensor is in the back so it is just useless (ps you can save 4 fingers but I dont know how my 4 fingers can access to the fingerprint). The iris scanner cannot be used if the phone is a little bit far (in the car for exemple when you are driving I used to unlock my s7 directly with finger). To be able to unlock your s8 when its far you must use face recognition it is quick but it is useless at night because it uses camera. (Ps1: you cannot see your lockscreen before/without unlocking. Ps2: you cannot use iris and facerecognition at the same time so you must choose night compatible or far compatible).
    2/ the screen ration is just so bad.. videos/apps/games are not adapted with display ratio so the phone will show two black bars at the top and at the buttom of the screen + the nav bar is, in the most cases, present in the screen and dont disappear automatically so there is no sense of "infinity screen" and I cant feel it. 
    3/ the battery takes more time with my s7 edge then my new s8.
    So I really felt that s7 edge was better (for me) but samsung should not tell people that phones are water resistant because its not always true. (Sorry for bad english).

  7. it looks like the g2 with curves huge step back, nothing special, just marketing squeezing the extra dollar

  8. What I want to know is when will Samsung finally switch all their Phones from Android to Tizen? Because Android is getting bloated now, I think it's has something to do with putting java in it; java is really a space eater API! Google should learn minimize the use of java in Android. Make a full Linux Android OS with minimal or no java API at all!

  9. After using iPhones for the past 5 years, I think I'm gonna give the galaxy a shot when I upgrade this September. As much as I've loved all of my iPhones, I think the S8+ would be a better option considering I can upgrade the storage up to 256GB if the stock 64GB isn't enough. Although I think the iPhone has a better camera, I really don't take too many photos with my phone since I use my DSLR most of the time. I also played around with one in a store and was blown away at how nice it felt in my hand.

  10. Great video as always Marques, your focus on producing real-looking videos (without all the fancy background lighting that most youtubers do) is personally my style. You probably won't end up reading this comment, but MrMobile and your channel are my 2 favorite YouTube channels to date!

  11. So do you happen to know of you can replace bluetooth 5.0 with a older version? I am having issues using some stuff with the Bluetooth 5.0. On my note 4 stuff worked fine no issues. I have read that reason is not backwards compatible. I love everything else on this phone but this one thing is turning into a issue for me.

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