10 Teenagers Who Don’t Know How To Handle Fame

10 Young stars who have a hard time dealing with being famous.
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Being famous sounds appealing to most people. You get to enjoy million dollar paychecks, the most expensive homes, cars, and clothing. And you have a swarm of adoring fans who just can’t get enough of you. But there’s a downside to fame, as well. Some celebrities just can’t deal with the constant attention, the criticism, the long hours and the never ending drama.

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35 thoughts on “10 Teenagers Who Don’t Know How To Handle Fame”

  1. 1. She should have considered that people are going to hate on you when you're famous before deciding to pursue a music career.
    2. He reminds me of Justin Bieber…
    3. "he never feels like he deserves all the success he has achieved" I agree…
    4. Sounds like she needs a break.
    5. The problem was her relationship, otherwise I think she'd be doing fine.
    6. I actually feel bad for him because he didn't choose to be in the spotlight, he was just forced in it being literally the child of famous people.
    7. It was her fault for cheating. It's not good to cheat in any situation but if you do so when you're a public figure you should expect a lot of backlash.
    8. She's another one I can feel bad for, for the same reason as Jaden.
    9. I hope she does that…
    10. She never deserved to get famous

  2. HA Danielle Bregoli is number one on a few of these types of videos. She does not deserve her fame. She's rich off disrespect. Why!!???

  3. Jacob left magcon. Cam didn't kick him out. Jacob left because he wanted to be a singer so he didn't get kicked out. Even Jacob said he was leaving for music.

  4. man you guys should have done steven fernandez he got super famous as the youngest up and coming skate prodigy and screwed it all trying to rape a girl

  5. gosh,how can you ask for likes and subscribers if you have a disgustingly rude content
    …that's fucked up man

  6. I feel bad for Paris,prince and blanket Jackson because there dad died while they were young

  7. Okay i like your channel and all but Jacob is actually a close friend on mine and 1st of all that fan made that up to get attention..2nd Cameron Dallas did not kick Jacob off…Jacob left to go on his own tour aka the All My Friends Tour so please leave him alone

  8. I actually DONT know why people would call Paris ugly! She's gorgeous! ♥️ I'm also actually obsessed with this channel! It's so addicting ?

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