Did I sell My D810 And Switch From Nikon To Fuji? Answering Viewer’s Questions


Did I sell My D810 And Switch From Nikon To Fuji?

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Fuji XT2 vs Nikon D810 High ISO Test:

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23 thoughts on “Did I sell My D810 And Switch From Nikon To Fuji? Answering Viewer’s Questions”

  1. Another great video. I have a Xpro2 but wanting the Xt2. Have you ever used the 100-400mm or 50-140mm f2.8 much? I would love the 100-400 but I am thinking the 40-150 would be more useful and I could always use the 1.4 or 2X tele and then still have a great portrait lens for my toddler. Keep up the great videos cheers from Canada.

  2. Hello, Middle! Here is the toughest question – prob no answer. Others have the same question, so here goes. What do you suggest for 70-300, 55-300 or something similar. My only solution, and it's a poor solution, is to use the Nikon 70-300 with adapter and manually focus, which I hate. 100-400 Fuji is way too big and expensive. I can buy the 70-300 for my Olympus and use that, but I am very disappointed that no 3rd party company, i.e. Sigma, Tokina, etc has take advantage of this huge gap in lenses for Xt1. NOTE: I primarily use the 18-135, but really would like a 70-300 (450 equiv) to complement, Do you have any thoughts on this large gap?

  3. Eric, if you ever consider selling your d810 I would be interested. I'm looking for a 24-70 lens so if you decide to sell that keep me in mind.

  4. Just like you, I bought a Fujifilm X-Pro2 and love it. But I still have, and use, my Nikon D90 and D7100. I just find that I have different uses for them and would never consider selling any of them.

  5. I would love to see a raw comparison of pulling out the shadows with your Fuji vs Nikon. I notice that with a crop sensor or micro 4/3, sometimes you get a green hue from the shadows when you open up the shadows compared to my Nikon full frame D700 that just opens up the shadow but very clean. Cleaner than my 6D.

  6. I'm a landscape photographer and vlogger from the UK and I only use the X-T2 now, having shot with a Nikon previously.

  7. Don't get sucked into the expensive medium format camera game. Yes, it is great, but if you are not doing portraits or product photography (both, high end), then there is no need for the GFX. Keep your Nikon lenses and wait for the RGBW sensor that Nikon will introduce in or after summer. At the bare minimum, wait till Q3 2017 to see what Nikon has in their sleeves. I have the X-T2 and I am keeping my D750 and all lenses. Also, any idea/review on the Cactus v6II flash triggers? They announced TTL and HSS firmware across all major vendors, including Nikon and Fuji.

  8. There is no one single camera good for everything , I also use the xt2 mainly for street and travel , some video . I Also use the D810 for portraits, landscape and wildlife believe it or not. The GFX crossed my mind too, probably it will cross it again after I see what the D810 replacement has to offer. I think if the rumours on it hold any water my Nikon gear ain't going anywhere.

  9. Erik, I think you should wait to see what Nikon offers this year in f.f. Maybe then sell the 810, but you've already got the rest of the gear that you already know, rather than switching to a whole new different system.

  10. GFX looks incredible dude and congrats on your discovery of Fujifilm. I have an XT1 and that thing has pretty great IQ as well. Not as great of course as the XT2, but for less than half the cost it does everything I need it to do. 20×30 prints look awesome. Only problem is lack of 3rd party flash support.

    GFX is money in the bag. Did you see the Hassey adapter Fujifilm made? I am sure we will also see a bunch of MF lens adapters for the GFX so you can use old school medium format Pentax, Zeiss, whatever lenses on it too.

  11. I am a landscape photographer and I sold all my Canon gear last year. I shoot Fuji X-T2 now for all my landscapes.

  12. Heyyyy Eric! I really like your video, they are really helpful for those Fujifilm nuts like ME!!! hhhhh, btw, can I ask what lens is on your fuji x-T2 in this clip?

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