?Mermaid Swimming in the pool?


Elizabeth finally got the mermaid tail she always wanted. she loved swimming around the cold pool with her new tail. We will be having a mermaid party in June next year (2017). Thanks for watching.

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The Texas Pool is the Official Pool of Elizabeth Swims


45 thoughts on “?Mermaid Swimming in the pool?”

  1. Good job I have always wanted a tail but my mom won't let me get one because she thinks I will drown and I know the dolphin kick

  2. I gave up on my mermaid dream three years ago….. I'm almost in high school and I search just to watch kids enjoying themselves when their dream came true. Why do I want one again?

  3. You should get a smaller size because the size that she has is just a little bit too big. I know it because you can see the skin of the tail in the water flopping around instead of the whole tail moving at the same time.

  4. i got a paper today and it said that if you are 7 or 8 you have to swim 25 yards and you can not stop at all wish me luck??????and it is Monday to Thursday i hope ican do it and win the race???????????

  5. Elizabeth you will grow to be a professional swimmer im just imagining you being all grown up Before you grow up i want you to hit tenmillion subscribers i love you alot Elizabeth!

  6. hi i just subbed its awesome how good you can swim at your age when i was that old i wasnt even aloud to swim past 3ft

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