8 Minute Abs


The Best Way To Get Six Pack Abs

Windsor Pilates 8 Minute Abs
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  1. si funciona quiero dar mi testimonio, no me arrepentire de haber empezado esta rutina (ya voy para el aňo y medio y si se notan los cambios) ayer saliendo de la escuela unos sujetos me golpearon en la nuca con un bat de baseball para mi sorpresa el bate se quebró (mi cuello quedo como acero con esta rutina) un fragmento del bate se enterró en el ojo del asaltante y el otro salio huyendo de terror al ver mi cuello con un sixpack gracias video por salvarme la vida

  2. I like that the uploader is named Broken Promises so I can be reminded of how much of a piece of shit I am when I come back to this video after not using it for weeks.

  3. I finaly know the name of this guy his name is jaime brenkus and he have a chanel on you tube chick it out

  4. To all of those who are just beginning or have not done the 8 min abs workout in awhile….DON'T GIVE UP THE FIRST DAY TRYING IT OR THE FIRST DAY BACK!!!This workout builds and as your abs get stronger,the easier and steadier this workout becomes. Within at least 2 weeks,results will show and this workout will be a piece of cake…just don't eat any of that cake.

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