Farting On People In Las Vegas

las vegas pranks

Farting on people in Las Vegas! Fart prank / fart trolling with a Pooter. They were NOT real farts. Gone Wrong & Gone Right! (P.S. This video has been remastered & re-uploaded because the guy in the end had the old video removed!)

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49 thoughts on “Farting On People In Las Vegas”

  1. 3.26 go damn serious..come on dude it just a prank..btw if he really fart on you,theres a shit smell..
    I like the 45 year old lady though,she gave an education to Ruben..I would love give her some hug

  2. hahahhahaha that's funny, You know it's good when the face is censored. Love your videos man keep em comin! Raleigh, North Carolina here! woohooo

  3. last guy doesn't want a problem but acts like he wants one stands up and all just to say im not going to fight u lmao smh

  4. ???? niggas be killing me with the fake toughness! Ruben being chill and he over there tryna make a seen till Ruben like you trying to fight? "I'm not going to fight you dawg" ???? I guess his body wasn't pumping enough adrenaline ??

  5. "why do you have yo ass all in my face" because wanted to fart lady: why??? ruben: that was my line lol

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