NYC’s Best Sicilian Slice, Explained | Food Skills


Though it hasn’t been around for as long as New York’s O.G. pizzerias, Prince Street Pizza has quickly made its mark by serving one of the city’s—if not the world’s—great square slices. In this episode of Food Skills, Prince Street’s Dominic Morano breaks down the elements of this iconic Sicilian slice, including the puckered cups of natural-casing pepperoni that make it one of New York’s most recognizable Instagram stars.

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23 thoughts on “NYC’s Best Sicilian Slice, Explained | Food Skills”

  1. They put olive oil on the bottom, then somehow it gets into the cup of the curled pepperoni? and it is virgin olive oil, he even says "extra virgin" for a brief second… Either I am ignorant or he is lying.

  2. watch an advertisement to get to the advertisement. cool. I hope my comment nets you some cents that end up in your sink. then your sink is clogged up with coins and you have to call your landlord. then your landlord and his plumber shows up and Isis kills you in a random act of violence.

  3. Bruh, olive oil is pretty much grease. Both are pure fat. The difference is that one fat is made from olives.

  4. Lol I eat and breathe Pepperoni pizza, but if he's going to try to act like there is no grease on his, or any pepperoni pizza, guy is delusional. 😀

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