Untamed Strength: “How To” SQUAT – High bar/Low bar


Intro: 0-4:52
High Bar: 4:52-8:32
Low Bar: 8:32-13:35
Depth Rant: 13:35-18:15
Why you can’t squat low: 18:15-23:45
Back Pain: 23:45-end


21 thoughts on “Untamed Strength: “How To” SQUAT – High bar/Low bar”

  1. Short people are better at squats! Woot! I may not be able to get a can off the top shelf in a grocery store but I have the advantage over tall, lanky people with the squats! 🙂

  2. If you are doing deadlifts on the same day as the squat would it be better to do high bar or low bar squats?

  3. Hey Alan. I have problem squatting. over time holding the bar on my back it starts to hurt back of my shoulders. Any tips to get rid of the pain?

  4. I can't afford squat shoes at the moment. I find that my knees go past my toes and have always been told this is a bad thing. For me to correct this is it better for me to keep my toes pointed out slightly?

  5. "this explains why shorter stockier people are better at squats than taller, lankier people" – Alan
    "fuck" – me, 6'5", 175 lbs.

  6. Would you use squat shoes for low bar though? I understand for high bar, but it seems a flat shoe would be better for low bar….

  7. I know you usually shouldn't stretch your muscles before lifting as tense muscles will make it easier to pull the weight. My deadlift is going great and increasing. But my squats feel stiff and weird, is it ok to stretch your hips before squatting? or will this make it harder and increase risk of injuries?

  8. hi allan….i started squatting yesterday but in the 4 th set my knee was in pain…i couldnt continue with the set…what happens and how to overcome this pain because today my knee hurts and tomorrrow i must perform squat again

  9. Good video. I like how it is broken down in the description since it is a lengthy video. And according to another video, Alan was a Marine. Thanks for the video and your service.

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